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Hotel Balatura




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Hotel Balatura

  Summer 2016


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Hotel Balatura


Alis Maric


Jelena Simic Valentic

Book & Wine








Book & Wine

Did you ever ask yourself, whether you are drinking the right wine while reading your summer books??

Two passionate book & wine enthusiasts will show us some parts of their workshop-contents. The reading and winetasting event at the hotel Balatura will bring you into a world of sensual reading.

Jelena Simic Valentic is a sommelier, consultant and the founder of the Croatian Wine Boutique "Pupitres".Every month she holds workshops and works as a personal trainer in her Wine School in Zagreb. Following the first steps of organoleptic analysis of wine engaging organs of perception such as tasting, seeing and smelling, she will give us an approach to winetasting tricks and secrets.

Alis Maric is the founder of the literary blog "Citaj knjigu" ("Read the book"), Croatians first and mostly popular book-recommending website. She is a big promoter of reading and writes critics on the latest publications in Croatian and international literature. She regularly recommends books on the Croatian Televison. On our reading & winetasting event she is going to present books we definitely have to read in this summer 2016.




Hotel Balatura

Vladimir Pistalo







Vladimir Pistalo

Vladimir Pistalo was born in 1960 in Sarajevo. He is a well-known Serbian writer living in the United States. He studied in Belgrade, reached his doctorate at the University of Hampshire and is nowadays working as a professor for History at Becker University in Worcester, Massachusetts. As a writer he was awarded with the most significant Literary Award in the countries of former Yugaslavia (NIN Award). He received the award for his book on Nikola Tesla.

His books are translated in many languages such as German, English and French.

He published the following books:

  • .Slikovnica (1981)
  • Noći (1986)
  • Manifesti (1986)
  • Kraj veka (1990)
  • Novela: Corto Maltese (1987)
  • Tesla: Portret među maskama (2008.)
  • Vitraž u sećanju (1994)
  • Priče iz celog sveta (1997)
  • Biografija Aleksandra Makedonskog Aleksandrida (1999)
  • Milenijum u Beogradu (2000)
  • O čudu (2002)


Tesla: A Portait with Masks: A Novel. Graywolf Press 2015




Hotel Balatura

Edi Matic

Photo: Slobodna Dalmacija





Edi Matic

Edi Matic is born in 1962 in Split. He is a writer, a graphic designer and a cultural manager. He owned an agency for graphic design and music video productions. A few years ago he was the promoter and associate producer of the musical "Sarajevo circle" with which he travelled many cities in Europe and America. He is one of the organizers of the Croatian presentation on book fairs abroad. Furthermore he is founder of the cultural association KURS and has presented over 90 writers from countries all over the world in his residential programme.

As photographer artist he travels with his exhibitions to many European countries.

Edi Matic's short stories have been published in literary magazines in Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Turkey, Austria, Germany and Macedonia.

He published the following books:

Ovdje fali ženska ruka (VBZ, 2008)

Grimalda (Naklada Ljevak, 2012)

coming out this year : Regija stranaca (Hena com, 2016)


Hotel Balatura










Summer School of Creative Writing

Organized by CeKaPe

Teachers: Tatjana Gromača, Zoran Žmirić, Renato Baretić, Sanja Kovačević, Aleksandra Starčević

more information: >>



Spring 2016
















02.06.16 - 05.06.16

Rendevous of Artists

Hotel Balatura





Hotel Balatura

Denis Delogu

"In the forrest" is the incredible and true story, written by this writer from Rijeka who faced the diagnosis of multiple sklerosis and was forced to change his style of living, especially his diet. In his book we accompany him from the beginning when he realizes that there is nothing that could promise healing. Then he started together with his wife Hana an own research, together they found alternatives and consequently followed a new diet. It's a breathtaking story, not only because every reader knows that he might find himself in a similar situation, but as well because it's a well written book. This story changed may life and I will happily share the reasons why with you. (Anne-Kathrin Godec)




  Summer 2015




Hotel Balatura

Dragan Velikić

Photo: Nebojsa Babic




Dragan Velikić is a writer, essyist and journalist. He was born in 1953 in Belgrade and grew up in Pula. He studied world literature at the Institute of Philology in Belgrade. Many years he worked as an editor for the publishing branche of Radio B92 and wrote colums for the newspapers Vreme, Nin, Danas and Reporter. During the Milošević mandate he was one of the discerning journalists. Nowadays he writes for wellknown international weekly magazines such as DIE ZEIT, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and LETTRE INTERNATIONAL. For the period of several years he was the Serbian ambassador in Vienna. He is definitely one of the most outstanding writers in contemporary Serbia and his works are translated into fifteen languages. He wrote essays and short stories and published the following novels: Via Pula (1988, Literary award Miloš Crnjanski), , Astragan (1991), Hamsin 51 (1993), Severni zid (1995), Danteov trg (1997), Slučaj Bremen (2001), Dosije Domaševski (2003),Ruski prozor (2007, NIN Award for the book of the year, Meša Selimović Award andThe Centraleuropean Literary Award) and Bonavia (2012.).

Dragan Velikićs books in English:

The Russian Window. Geopoetika 2010.

Entangled in Yugoslavia - an Outsider's Memoir (Dragan Velikić and others), Belgrade 2012.


  This summer's focus: writers from Rijeka




Hotel Balatura

Slavenka Drakulić

Photo: www.fraktura.hr















Slavenka Drakulić is a wellknown writer, born in 1949 in Rijeka. Today she lives in Zagreb and Stockholm. Her books are translated into many languages. Her subjects are socially relevant, often focusing on women's situation in society and especially on the female body. In 2005 she received the European Award for Peace and Understanding in Leipzig, Germany (For the book: They Would Never Hurt a Fly). Her latest book Dora and the Minotaur (not translated yet) deals with the relation-ship of Dora Maar and Pablo Picasso.


  • Smrtni grijesi feminizma (eseji), Znanje, Zagreb, 1984.
  • Hologrami straha (roman), Grafčki zavod Hrvatske, Zagreb, 1987.
  • Mramorna koža (roman), Grafički zavod Hrvatske, Zagreb, 1989.
  • Božanska glad (roman), Durieux, Zagreb 1995.
  • Kako smo preživjeli (eseji), Feral Tribune, Split 1997.
  • Kao da me nema (roman), Feral Tribune, Split 1999.
  • Oni ne bi ni mrava zgazili (eseji), Kultura & Rasvjeta, Split, 2003.
  • Sabrani romani, Profil, Zagreb, 2003. Sabrani eseji, Profil, Zagreb, 2005.
  • Tijelo njenog tijela, Jutarnji list, Zagreb, 2006.
  • Frida ili o boli (roman), Profil, Zagreb 2007.
  • Basne o komunizmu (eseji), Profil, Zagreb, 2009.
  • Optužena (roman), V.B.Z., Zagreb, 2012.
  • Dora i minotaur (roman), Fraktura, Zaprešić, 2015.

Slavenka Drakulic's books in English:

  • How we survived communism and even laughed (eseji) Hutchinson, London 1992.
  • Holograms of Fear. W W Norton & Co Inc., 1992.
  • The Balkan Express (eseji) W.W. Norton, New York 1993.
  • Cafe Europa. Abacus, London 1996.
  • The Taste of a Man. Penguin Books, 1997.
  • As If I am Not There. Abacus, 1999.
  • S. A Novel abou the Balkans. Penguin Books, 2001.
  • They Would Never Hurt a Fly. Penguin Books, 2005.
  • Frida's Bed. Penguin Books, 2008.
  • Two underdogs and a cat (eseji), Seagull Books . London, NY, Calcutta 2009.
  • A Guided Tour Through the Museum of Communism. Penguin Books 2011.

More information: slavenkadrakulic.com




Hotel Balatura

Igor Beleš




Igor Beleš was born in Borovo Naselje. He finished his school education in Crikvenica. As a writer he lives in Rijeka and is a member of the group RILIT, which aims the "reaffirmation of fictional values, promotion and enforcement of consumption of literary works" (www.rilit.serve4.com). Igor Beleš is also a member of KATAPULT, a publishing association which works on the field of education, introducing young writers into all segments of publishing literature. Besides he is a music critic and plays in a band.

He published his first novel in 2012:

Western sunrise ( Svitanje na zapadu. Zigo, Rijeka)





Hotel Balatura

Tea Tulić

Photo: www.krokodil.rs



Tea Tulić was born in 1978 in Rijeka. Her debut novel Hairs everywhere ("Kosa posvuda", Algoritam, Zagreb) came out in 2012. It is a fragmentary novel on a mother's immedicable illness and its consequences for the family relations. The story is told from the perspective of the daughter (a child), but the roles of the mother, the daughter and the grandmother change within the book. Written in an apparantly easy manner, the story turns out to be very serious and upsetting. During 2012 she recorded the audiobook "Albumče" in cooporation with the band Japanski Premijeri, an anrrangement of texts, music aund sounds.

More information:





  Summer 2014



Hotel Balatura

Ante Tomić

Foto: Jutarnji List

Ante Tomić was born 1970 in Split and grew up in the small village Proložac. In Zagreb he went to school and finished his studies of philosophy and sociology in Zadar. He is a writer, columnist and scenarist. He is wellknown for his first collection of short stories "Iforgot where I left my car". His first novel "What is a man without a moustache?" was turned into a theatre play (Aida Bukvic) and into a movie (Hrvoje Hribar). Rajko Grlic made a film based on his novel "Nothing should surprise us anymore" which entered the cinemas under the title "Karaula". He published a whole slew of novels, collections of columns and stories. His last book in Croatian was "Punoglavci" (Pollywogs). His new novel will release this autumn.




  Spring 2014


20 Uhr

Hotel Balatura

  Summer 2013


21 Uhr

Hotel Balatura

Dzevad Karahasan

(Photo: Dragana Karahasan)








Dzevad Karahasan was born 1953 in Duvno (today Tomislavgrad). He writes novels, essays and theatre plays. His works are awarded in many countries, such as Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, France and Austria. In 2003 he received the Leipzig award for European Understanding. Last year he received the Goethe Medal and The Heinrich Heine Award.

Books in Bosnian or German language:

  • "The Eastern Divan", 1993 ISBN 3-85129-084-4
  • "Exodus from a City," 1993 ISBN 1-56836-057-6
  • "About the exile in the open society" 1994
  • "King's legends," 1996 ISBN 3-910161-73-1
  • "Citizen Handke, Serbs people" in "The anxiety of the poet from reality," 1996 ISBN 3-88243-412-0
  • "Should 'Faust' be saved?" in "Freedom.Equality.Fraternity." Bregenzer Festspiele 1996
  • "The Ring of Shahrijar" 1997 ISBN 3-87134-239-4
  • "Forms of life" (about theatre together with Herbert Gantschacher) 1999 ISN: 3852660416
  • "The questions to the calendar" 1999 ISBN 3-85266-118-8
  • "Sara and Serafina" 2000 ISBN 3-87134-409-5
  • "The book of Gardens" 2002
  • "Poetics at the Border" (together with Markus Jaroschka) 2003 ISBN 3-85489-084-2
  • "The Night Council" 2006 ISBN 3-458-17291-2
  • "Reports from The Dark World" 2007 ISBN 978-3-458-17337-3
  • "The Shadows of The Cities" 2010 ISBN 978-3-458-17451-6

In English:

"Sarajevo, Exodus of a City" (Kodansha Globe) by Dzevad Karahasan, Slobodan Drakulic and Slavenka Drakulic




21 Uhr

Hotel Balatura

Ivica Djikic

(Photo: Sandorf)




Ivica Djikic was born in Tomislavgrad in Bosnia. He is a journalist, essayist and writer. Her worked for the newspapers and weekly magazins Slobodna Dalmacija, Feral Tribune and Novi List. Since 2010 he is chief editor at Novosti.

His novel Circus Columbia was translated in several languages (Italian, Spanish, etc.) and awarded with the Mesa Selimovic Award for books from Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro. Danis Tanovic turned the novel into a film.

Books (Croatian titles):

  • Cirkus Columbia (Feral Tribune 2003, Sandorf 2010)
  • Domovinski obrat – politička biografija Stipe Mesića (VBZ, Zagreb 2004 )
  • Gotovina, stvarnost i mit (Novi liber, Zagreb, 2010, with Davor Krile and Boris Pavelic)
  • Sanjao sam slonove (Ljevak, Zagreb 2012)







Workshop für irischen Tanz

Burg Drivenik

(nicht im Hotel)

Lena i Paul O'Grady


Did you ever dream of dancing the Irish Maiden? Here is your chance! We are very proud to present the teachers of the first and biggset Irish Dancing school in Croatia.

In the medieval ambient of the Vinodol castle in Drivenik we will try ti learn the first steps of this traditional, interesting and beautiful dance. We are looking forward to meet all kind of dancing groups from the region to participate at the workshop. Anyone who's willing to dance is welcome to our Irish dancing excursion.

Let the Irish spirit, Irish music and the teacher's positivity reign over Drivenik castle - at least for a few hours...











21 Uhr

Hotel Balatura

Paul O'Grady

(Photos: Paul O’Grady)


Paul O’Grady is an executive and business coach born in Dublin in 1975, where he has lived most of his life. After completing his schooling, where ironically as an author, English was the only subject of eight he sat in his final state exams at a lower level, he went on to gain two degrees in architecture at University College Dublin. After traveling the world extensively, in 2002 he moved permanently to Croatia having fallen in love with the country and its people on a student exchange. It was from there in full time employment as an English teacher that Paul started to discover the real value of language. Some eight years later, Paul’s first book Who’s your Daddy? (Ja, tata iz Irske) is being published under translation by Algoritam in Croatia with an expected launch date in 2012. (Information from: www.jatataizirske.com)






Summer 2012



Nataša Dragnić



Nataša Dragnic was born 1965 in Split, Croatia. She studied German literature and romanistics in Zagreb. She completed diplomatic degrees. Since 1994 she lives in Erlangen, Germany, where she worked many years as a freelancer language teacher. Her debut novel "Every day, every hour" found enthusiastic readers and turned into a national and international bestseller. It was translated into 28 languages. "The sea again" is her second novel.


The croatian translation of her novel was published in May 2012 at the publishing house Fraktura.


The English version at Penguin (USA): here

Webseite der Autorin: www.natasa-dragnic.de





Sasa Stanisic


Sasa Stanisic was born in Visegrad, Bosna and Hercegovina and came during the war in Bosnia with his parents to Heidelberg, Germany. From 2004 until 2006 he studied at the Leipzig Literary Institute. His debut novel "How the soldier repairs the gramophone", written in German, received enthusiastic critics and elated german readers. The title was on the shortlist of the German Bookprice and translated into 30 languages. Stanisic received numerous book awards.


Homepage of the authour: www.kuenstlicht.de

In January 2013 his book will come out in Croation language: www.fraktura.hr

His book in English was published here: http://www.groveatlantic.com/?title=How+the+Soldier+Repairs+the+Gramophone




Lidija Dujić


Ludwig Bauer












Lidija Dujic (1965.) studied at the University of Zagreb. She published Fabulous stories for children - Plagva (2007) and the poetry book Dry masonry (2010). She edited numerous school and reference books. Working as a teacher for primary and secondary schools, as educationalist in a puppet theatre and lecturing at the Faculty of Education in Zagreb and the Academy of Arts in Osijek, she wrote radio dramas and screen plays. Coniniously she publishes literary reviews, specialized reviews and essays.

Furthermore, she illustrates children books, such as the books of Ludwig Bauer.


Ludwig Bauer (1941) studied slavistics in Zagreb, Prague and Bratislava. He translated reference books, poetry and literature. He worked as a lecturer and teacher in Zagreb, London and Washington, as main editor in the Croatian weekly magazine Globus and the Literary Journal Nasa knjiga, as professionel driver, advertiser, sreen play writer and columnist.


Children's books: (Publisher: Aura, Sisak)

  • Parnjaca Colombina (Steam engine Columbina), 1979
  • Poliglot i pas (The polyglott and the dog), 1988
  • Tri medvjeda i gitara (Three bears and a guitar), 1991
  • Ronilac bisera (Pearl diver), 2000
  • Istina o gusarskom kapetanu Karvasu (The truth about the pirate's captain Karvas), 2001
  • Vjestica Liza Hainburska (Witch Liza Hainburska), 2002
  • Vila Zelenog jezera (The fairy from the green lake), 2003
  • Morski igrokazi (Sea plays), 2005
  • Bajkoviti igrokazi (Fairy plays), 2005
  • Krava voli lava (The cow loves the lion - with M. Radnich), 2005
  • Maske do daske (Abundant masks -with M. Radnich), 2006
  • and so on...

Literature: (Publisher: Fraktura)

Kratka kronika porodice Weber (Short chronicle of Family Weber), 1990

Patnje Antonije Brabec (The suffering of Antonija Brabec), 2008

Zavičaj, zaborav (Homeland, Forgotten), 2010 Literary award Mesa Selimovic, Fran Galovic Award and Kiklop for the best book in 2011.

Karusel (Carousel), 2011




20 Uhr

Nino Bijelac

Valerio Orlić

Drago Draguzet









Poetry evening:

Summer 2011


21 :00

Foto: Pixsell

Miro Gavran


Miro Gavran (Gornja Trnava, 1961) is a croatian writer for adults and children. His works have been translated into more than 30 languages. He is the writer of the most played contemporary theatre plays in Croatia during the last 20 years. He had more than 200 theatre premieres all over the world, in places such as Rotterdam, Maribor, Washington, Paris, Krakau, Sofia and Mummbaja, Buenos Aires, Ljubljana, Prag, Novi Sad, Podgorica and more. His plays have been visited by more than 2 million people. He is the only living writer to whom is dedicateda whole festival, the Gavranfest in Slovakia. During the festival only his plays are shown on stage. His latest books are:

Kafkin prijatelj ("Kafka's friend"", Mozaik 2011) und Jedini svjedok ljepote ("The only witness of beauty"", Mozaik 2009)


Website: http://www.mgavran2.t-com.hr/




21 :00

Foto: Folio

Zoran Feric






Zoran Feric finished his studies at the University of Zagreb. There he works as a teacher for Croatian literature and language at the First Zagreb Highschool. Since 1987 he publishes essays, and proze texts in various magazines, i.e. Polet, Studentski list, Pitanje, Oko, Plimaand in Croatian Radio. 2000 he received the wellknown "Ksaver Sandor Gjalski" Award and one year later the Newspaper Award "Jutarnji list" for the best book in that year.


1996 - Mišolovka Walta Disneya (Walt Disney's Mousetrap)

1998 - Quattro stagioni (Four Seasons; in co-operation with Miroslav Kiš, Robert Mlinarec and Boris Perić)

2000 - Anđeo u ofsajdu (An Angel in Offside)

2002 - Smrt djevojčice sa žigicama (Death of The Little Match Girl)

2003 - Otpusno pismo (Letter of discharge)

2005 - Djeca Patrasa (Children from Patras)

2007 - Simetrija čuda (The Symmetry of The Miracle)





The Fingersnap trio











Summer 2011

>> more information

Friday, 17.06.2011


Hotel Balatura: TRANZITOR writer's talk about "transition"

Saturday, 18.06.2011


TRANZITOR -Transition at the bookshop Ribook

Janeza Trdine 9a, 51000 Rijeka

Sunday, 19.06.


Hotel Balatura: Non-stop Reading


Bekim Sejranović

Srđan Srdić

Robert Perišić

Boris Gunjević

Abdul-Rahman Alawi



16 :00

Walking with the writer

Edo Popovic



Antovo (near Grizane)

more information: 098-9175725








Events in 2010

Field manual for hikers

Edo Popović was one of the founders of the literary journal Quorum in former Yugoslavia. His first novel Ponoćni boogie (Midnight Boogie), published in 1987, descibes Zagreb's young generation during the 80-ies. Like Douglas Copelands Generation X it turned out to be the generation's cult book.

1991–1995 Popović was one of the most famous war reporters in Croatia. His fact orientated and nonideological reports were as esteemed as they were dreaded.


San žutih zmija (2000.) - Dream of yellow snakes

Kameni pas (2001.) - Stone dog

Koncert za tequilu i apaurin (2002.) - Concert for Tequila and Valium

Izlaz Zagreb jug (2003.) - Exit Zagreb South

Plesačica iz Blue Bara (2004.) - The dancer of the Blue Bar

Dečko, dama, kreten, drot (2005.) - Jack, Queen, Cretin, Cop

Oči (2007.) - Eyes

Prirucnik za hodace (2009) - Field manual for hikers

Publications in English:

Exit Zagreb South, Ooligan press, 2005


The reading does not take place at the hotel! It's a walking tour of approximately 2 hours on the trail of stone steps near Grizane. If you don't want to walk, you can come by car to the view point "pridva" at 6 p.m.



21 :00

Ivana Simic Bodrozic

Foto: Cropix



Ivana Simic Bodrozic was born in Vukovar. She studied philosophy and Croatian Language and Literature in Zagreb. She was awarded for her poetry book Korak u tamu (Pace into the Darkness ) with the Goran-award for young writers, as well as the Kvirin Award in 2005. She publishes in journals and anthologies.

Her first novel Hotel Zagorje is a coming-of-age-novel. It's a book about the girl's life as a refugee, sharing a few squremetres with her mother and her brother, all of them waiting for a message of the lost father.

This novel will be published as well in German language at the well-known publishing house Hanser.








21 :00

David Albahari





David Albahari (1948), a writer and translator from Serbia, has published nine collections of short stories and eleven novels in Serbian, including Leeches (novel, 2005) and Shadows (short stories, 2006). His collection of short stories Description of Death won the Ivo Andrić award for the best book of short stories published in Yugoslavia in 1982. His novel Bait won the NIN award for the best novel published in Yugoslavia in 1996, as well as the Balcanica Award and Berlin Bridge Prize. His books have been translated into sixteen languages. David David Albahari has translated into Serbian many books by contemporary British, American, Australian and Canadian authors, including stories and novels by S.Bellow, I.B.Singer, T.Pynchon, M. Atwood, V.S.Naipaul and V.Nabokov. He has also translated plays by Sam Shepard, Sarah Kane, Caryl Churchill and Jason Sherman. He is a member of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts. In 1994 he moved to Calgary, Canada, with his wife and two children. They still live there.







20: 15

Choir Wald

from Switzerland

at the Hotel Balatura







Literary festival "Finbar meets Balatura"

7 writers from different countries meet at the hotel Balatura. A festival based on the book "Finbar's Hotel" by Dermot Bolger (ed.):

See the festival details on this website: www.finbarmeetsbalatura.net




Sculpture Work-shop "Mali Susik" (easter 2010)

with Jürgen Zaun:

03.04.10 - 10.04.10


more information >>






Bahtali Rota






Bahtali Rota is a romany band from Vojvodina, founded in 2008 in Zagreb as a result of along lasting corporate work. We are happy to present their music in our hotel in the course of the Etno-eco-festival "Jabuka".





Rade Jarak

: Damjan Tadić, cropix







Rade Jarak was born in Dubrovnik in 1968.

He studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. He writes poetry, prose, essays and critical texts about poetry and novels.

He published the poetry books " Demon u pari kupaonice" (Meandar 2000) and "Vlak za Bangalore" (Naklada MD, 2001)


Kiša (Naklada MD, 2001).

Termiti i druge priče (Fraktura, 2002.)

Sol (Fraktura, 2003.)

Duša od krumpira (Fraktura, 2005.)

Enciklopedija očaja (Fraktura, 2006.)

Pustinje (Litteris, 2008.)

Pohvala ulici (Eseji o prostituciji, VBZ, 2009.)

Crna svila (Profil, 2009.)

A few weeks ago he was awarded with the Jutarnji-list-price for the best croatian piece of prose published in 2008.



20 :00

Milorad Stojević

: Novi List




Milorad Stojevic was born in Bribir 1948. He finished his studies in Crikvenica and Zagreb. Now he teaches at the seminar for Croatistics at the Faculty of philosophy in Rijeka. He published the following books:

Iza šćita, 1971; Liçce, 1974; Litvanski erotski srp, 1974; Viseći vrtovi, 1979; Doni, 1979; Kineska vaza, 1980; Primeri vežbanja ludila, 1981; Rime amorose, 1984; Orgija za Madonu, 1986; Čakavsko pjesništvo XX. stoljeća, 1987; Razdrta halucinacija, 1989; Firentinski poljubac, 1990; Ignac Horvat, 1994; Pjesništvo Antuna Barca, 1995; Perivoj od slova, 1996; Andrija Cigančić: Lovranske ljubavne pjesme iz 1738, 1997; Došljak iz knjige, 1997; Rosa, e lo spino, 1997; Balade o Josipu, 1997; Pjesništvo Nikole Kraljića, 1998; Korzo, 1999; Knjižica o podrupku, 1999; Moj kućni mandarin, 2000; Ponterosso, 2000; Prostrijelne rane & other poems, 2001; Tečaj čarolija, 2001; Tatarski zajutrak, 2002; Klonda, 2003; Krucifiks, 2004; Krv i poljupci, 2004; Novelline o soldatu i sto ruž, 2005; Tekstova cca 25, 2005; Lesezeichen, 2005; he published the poetry volume: Čakavsko pjesništvo 20. stoljeća, 2007.








Savičević Ivančević

: Jakob Goldstein

Olja Savičević Ivančević was born on the 16.09.1974 in Split. She writes poetry, proze and journalistic colums. She published several volumes of poetry and one collection of short stories "Nasmijati psa" ("Make a dog laugh" AGM, Zagreb, 2006 und 2007), appearing in print aside from Croatian also in the German publishing house Voland&Quist (Voland&Quist, Dresden, 2008)and in the Serbian publishing house Samizdat (Samizdat B 92, Beograd, 2009).

For the manuscript of "Nasmijati psa" she received sevearl prices: "Prozak" for the best prose writer under 35 years, the "Ranko Marinkovic-Award" and the "Vecernji list-Award" for short stories. For the poetry book "Kucna pravila" ("Rules of the house", Algoritam, Zagreb, 2007., 2009.) she was decorated with the "Kiklop-Award". Some of her stories, poems and poetry collections have been translated into 10 languages. Two short films were shot based on Olja Savicevics stories. She attends various literary festivals and book fairs and offers courses of literary writing.


Spring/ Summer 2009:



Sculpture Work-shop "Mali Susik"

with Jürgen Zaun:

23.05.09 - 30.05.09

30.05.09 - 06.06.09

more information >>



Autumn/winter 2008/2009:



Miljenko Jergović


: Igor C.C. Kelčec














Miljenko Jergovic was born 1966 in Sarajevo. He publishes literary and journalistic texts since the 1980ies. His first publication, the volume of poems Opservatorija Varšava (1988), awarded with the Goran and the Mak Dizdar price, was followed by Uči li noćas neko u ovom gradu japanski ? (1990) i Himmel Comando (1992). Since 1993 he lives and publishes in Croatia, where he wrote his first volume of short stories Sarajevski Marlboro (Durieux, 1994) for which he received the Price Ksaver Šandor Djalski (1994) and the peace price Erich-Maria Remarque.

Karivani (Durieux, 1995) - short stories

Preko zaleđenog mosta (Durieux, 1966) - poetry

Naci bonton (Durieuex, 1998) - essays

Mama Leone (Durieux, 1999) - stories

Historijska čitanka (Zoro, 2000) - columns

Kažeš anđeo (Durieux, 2000) - drama

Hauzmajstor Šulc (Durieux, 2001) - poetry

Buick Rivera (Durieux, 2002) - novel

Dvori od oraha (Durieux, 2003) -novel

Inšallah Madona, inšallah (Durieux, 2004) - novel

Historijska čitanka 2 (Zoro, 2004) - columns

Žrtve sanjaju veliku ratnu pobjedu (2006)

Dunje 1983 (2005)

Gloria in excelsis (2006)

As well he appears as a very dedicated journalist.

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Andrea Sailer

A. Sailer

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Augenblicke/ trenuci

Andrea Sailer was born in 1972 in Weiz (Austria). She studied philosophy and anglistics. She writes poetry, prose and essays.


1997, Litarary award of the town Graz.

1998 Scholarship of Bertelsmann Literaturkurs

2002 Austrian art price for women



Am Rande, 1991;

Am Ende des Tages, 1996,

Saisonschluss, 1998

Gedanken zur Zeit, 2000


At the litary night in our hotel are taking part:

Andrea Sailer (poetry)

Sabina Salamon (actress)

David Ropac (musician)

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Summer 2008


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Renato Baretić


Foto: R. Baretić







Renato Baretić was born 1963 in Zagreb, where he finished his studies of literature and phonetics.He works as journalist and writer.



  • "Riječi iz džepova" (1998)
  • "Kome ćemo slati razglednice" (2005)


  • "Osmi povjerenik" (2003)
  • "Pričaj mi o njoj" (2006)

Plus various publications in anthologies and essay-collections.

Renato Baretić 's books are translated into German, Slowenian, Ukrainian, Makedonian and English. The novel "Osmi povjerenik" won five national awards for literature in 2004.

He lives with his wife and children in Split.

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Damir Miloš

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Damir Miloš was born 1954 in Opatija and finished his studies of philosophy in Zagreb.

Publications :

  • Pogled grad (1985)
  • Se (1987)
  • Kapetanov dnevnik (1991)
  • Nabukodonozor (1995)
  • Otok snova (1996)
  • Kravata (1998)
  • Klitostora (2000)
  • Smetlar (2005)
  • Kornatske priče (2006)

Books for children:

  • Bijeli klaun (1988)
  • Nepoznata priča (1989)
  • Zoe (1992)
  • Snježni kralj (1986)


  • Adriatic nautical Academy - početnički tečaj i ACY No 1.

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Jurica Pavičić

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Jurica Pavičić was born 1965 and finished his studies of literature and history in Zagreb. He works as a journalist for the daily newspaper "Jutarnji List", as literary and film critic and writes political essay.


Ovce od gipsa (novel,1997. and 1998.)

Nedjeljni prijatelji (novel,1999)

Minuta 88 (novel,2003.)

Crvenkapica (novel,2006.)

Vjesti iz Liliputa (collection of essays, 2001.)

The scenario based on the novel "Ovce od gipsa" won the peace price at the Berlinale 2004.

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