Anne-Kathrin Godec, writer

Our philosophy

When moved from Germany to Croatia in 2000, we left our urban, hectic life in a German metropolis looking for a new lifestyle for our family. We found a safe, peaceful harbour for our new home and settled down in the middle of the Vinodol valley, surrounded by mountains and forest, only a few steps away from the beauties of the Adriatic Sea…

Gordan Godec, documentarian

The daily demands of our family with five children are nearly the same. Yet, it seems that here life and time are somehow slow paced. The quietness of the nature, with its silent stones and songs of the wind, make us pause and savour the moment. This precious quality of life with tension that quickly fades away and is replaced by inner peace, rarely found while we live our fast-paced, hectic lives in cities, is something we wish to share with you during your stay at out hotel.

You are invited to share these precious moments of peace for soul and body with us..